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Sabbath 10/17/2020 - Havier Grijalva - Son of the Most High God

Sabbath 10/10/2020 - Pastor Stephen Hicks - Warming Up

Sabbath 10/03/2020 - Cesar Grijalva - Even If

Sabbath 09/26/2020 - Pastor Stephen Hicks - A Bond Through the Spirit

Sabbath 09/19/2020 - Rudy Salazar - God Uses the Desert

Sabbath 09/12/2020 - Pastor Stephen Hicks - The Signs All Around Us

Sabbath 09/05/2020 - Pierre Steenberg - The Table is Fully Set

Sabbath 08/29/2020 - Evan Hendrix - What God Really Wants from Me

Sabbath 08/22/2020 - Pastor Stephen Hicks - All the Difference

Sabbath 08/15/2020 - Ron Rasmussen - Excuses

Sabbath 08/08/2020 - Jerry Corson - The Gift of Luck

Sabbath 08/01/2020 - Bob & Yvette Gilbert - Praise God in Song

Sabbath 07/25/2020 - Pastor Stephen Hicks - Service to Others

Sabbath 07/18/2020 - Kent Walker - Prayer

Sabbath 07/11/2020 - Pastor Stephen Hicks - United

Sabbath 06/27/2020 - Pastor Stephen Hicks - Communion

Sabbath 06/20/2020 - Javier Grijalva - Fear